At the heart of capitalism

I am so sorry…those Muslim terrorists who died because they killed people or bombed places in Indonesia…are dead wrong (well they’re dead already, so they are just wrong).

The argument that those targeted places in Indonesia symbolize capitalism is the result of poor knowledge, very poor knowledge.

Had only, these terrorists spend more time in geography class and save some money to visit the land where Islam originates, they will find that the capitol of capitalism is just a few feet away from where all Muslims bow their heads to, the Kabah.

It is in…tadaaa…The Mecca! Mecca City to be exact.

That excludes Masjidil Haram of course, this place turns you holier than thou. Its wonder is indescribable.

I notice that this site of many incredible stories is surrounded by mega hotels and super malls, plus thousands of stalls and several traditional markets. Add that with rows of restaurants, jewellery stores and bus terminals. Yes, they are just outside Masjidil Haram.

Imagine how much money circulating around this place in a day. And, it’s a 24-7 city.

A senior Malaysian Banker I met during my second umrah rituals told me a hypothetical estimation. If only one umrah pilgrim spends 10 Saudi Arabian Real (that’s around US$30 or more than Rp 25,000 a day) meanwhile in March, it is estimated around 1 million pilgrims are in this holy city. That’s US$30 million in a day!

That’s half of the World’s GDP in 2008! (Which is estimated around 60 million dollar).

Some of these pilgrims even stay at luxurious hotels with their towers overlooking to Baitullah. The banker, who stays at intercontinental, admits:” I spent a hundred real a the very least.”

Now…hey there self-acclaimed jihadists. The haven of capitalism is not in Indonesia, where the spirit of getting rich is at mediocre level.

You want to look for the landmark of capitalism? This place…just few hundred meters outside Masjidil Haram, where you can buy a product as cheap as two real or purchase an expensive watch that cost you millions of real.

It’s not a matter of good or bad. It’s reality. Come and see for yourself.