My first encounter with hypnosis

To open this note, I would like to thank the Almighty for the new knowledge. I’d like to thank every parts of my body that had supported me to sit, stand and pay attention to the whole materials given in the class today.

I’d like to thank my wife and kid, who had given up the routine Saturday family time to allow me to acquire this new set of skill—hypnosis.

Yes, I am now officially a certified hypnotist.

If you are wondering why I chose to be a hypnotist, here are my reasons:
First, I have been experiencing this great desire that keep telling me to learn something new, to get new skills and master a totally new applied science. Especially in times where I have plenty of free time.

Second, I am encouraged to get out of my routines as a freelancer—writing and reading, especially in this quiet month in January. Thanks God, only one client so far.

Third, I am always fascinated by brain. The way it works and the magic of it. I believe hypnosis has something to do with it.

Today’s training fulfills all of the above-mentioned motivations.
I have learned that hypnosis is a systematic applied science which relies on the skills of the client (the person who experiences hypnosis) and the hypnotist (the person who facilitate other person to enter the state of hypnosis).
Hypnosis is knowledge of how to enter human’s subconscious state, therefore the hypnotists have to find the keys to penetrate that mind level.

The art of applying hypnosis in everyday’s life is to find the right key to enter a person’s mind.

I could not be a good hypnotist should I fail to practice to find the keys to people’s mind because the challenge is…each and every person is a unique creature, with a unique mind.

There will be no generic master key that can unlock all persons’ minds.
It will not be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, but it will be an opportunity to know what is needed to unlock the mystery of each and every person you are trying to hypnotize.

So now, the next task is…practice, practice and practice!

Any volunteer?