Hypnosis Log #3

Hypnosis with love

She always wanted to get back in shape. She lost her ideal body shape when she got pregnant, carrying our own wonder boy: Tubagus Areli Rashad Rukmantara, the wonder of our lives.

After he was born, she did not instantly get her shape back.

She chooses to breastfeed and plan to do it for the whole two recommended years.

She ditches any thoughts of handing over our wonder boy to a baby sitter.

Day care is the most reasonable alternative for her. Even this will be the last option in her mind.

She wants her boy grow under her own wings, with her own sweat.

I love her for what she is and whatever shape she got.

But, I am fully aware, that I am partly responsible for the weight she gained.

So, I learn hypnosis, partly because wanting to help her out. To get her ideal shape back (whatever ideal means for her…because honestly, men never comprehend the mystery of what is ideal weight for women).

And, I joined a hypnosis course, completed it and got certification.

After carefully finding the right time to introduce her to hypnosis, I asked her to believe in me and my hypnosis capability and asked her to work together in achieving whatever she wants to achieve.

First thing to do is: trying to introduce her to the state of relaxation and focus.

Voila…she managed to embrace progressive induction.

“I almost fell asleep,” she said.

And then…she glued her own fingers together in the locking hand game.

She then went to sleep. Before she closed her eyes, she said…thank you my love…you make my day.

"You have helped me relax and it feels sooooo good."

Now and then, when I managed to take her to her trance state of mind, I whisper to her ears: "You can achieve whatever you want to achieve. You are a healthy, beautiful woman with an ideal body shape."

Few days later, she lost 1.4 kilograms!

Lord…Thank you.

Now I learn the true meaning of: “Cinta tidak diusahakan, tapi diberikan."

This time I give my love through hypnosis.