Happy Valentine's Day

I do not celebrate valentine.

To me it is an excessive consumerism and commercialization.

But I do celebrate love.

Love is the simplest word and most complicated at the same time.

It is the most likeable word for our subconscious mind, the highest caste in positive words’ dictionary (forgive my unusual approach).

It is also the word that started wars, hatred and separation.

But to me, love is…

Realizing that the girl sitting few desks away from me, my high school’s class mate is the women I have been dreaming of.

Deciding to whisper in my girl friend’s ear the sentence…”Would you marry me?”

Gathering my courage to decide a wedding date and make it the happiest moment in my life.

Nurturing my wife for nine months and showing her that I am right next to her whatever happen.

Taking the blame when my wife’s pregnancy was put to test and she was forced to have bed rest for a week.

Saying “hi” for the first time to your gem the first second he comes to the world.

Support your wife to breastfeed when everybody else keeps on persuading you to turn to formula milk.

Standing by to the choice of not having baby sitter--my son does not need an additional parent. We are the best baby sitters he will have.

Believe that we could handle our own house works, and not hire a maid.

Give my wife her routine “me time” and “girls’ day out”.

To be able to do all that baby nurturing skills: take my kid to bath, change his diaper, dress him up, teach him to brush his teeth and comb his hair, feed him and teach him how to eat and to drink water from a glass, and all other life skills an infant needs to learn.

Celebrating love is celebrating daily routines: the regulars with passion, ordinary days with the drive to live life the fullest.

To love is to create a great life…with your loved ones.


  1. Beautiful......as love should be...

  2. terima kasih, semoga cinta ada dimana-mana, termasuk di setiap hirup dan hembus nafas Anda


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