Hypnoses Log #1

First Trial

Sunday was a day for my first trial. Luckily, I hosted a family gathering on that day. Three families consisting of more than 10 relatives came, all with their own interests. Some went directly to swimming pool with their children, some went to Thamrin Street, where the Jakarta Car Free Day took place, by jogging or walking and some, stayed home to eat and watch TV.

I happened to like exercising. So, I joined the Thamrin group of course.

And it was time for my first practice. My little sister, who is a great strong-willed sporty girl, wanted to try my growing capacity on hypnosis. She tried me out. She and I agreed to try the focus game.

It worked! Her tiny little finger froze like an iceberg and turned into mighty steel, unbendable even by her own effort.

Second client: my cousin.

A tall and huge male cousin asked me to help him get his shape back. He weighed more than 90 kilograms, yet he is only in his early 20s.
I tried relaxation.

After succeeding to ask him to play the locked hands game, he tried relaxing himself, learned few tricks of relaxation breathing.
You know what happened next?
He suddenly transferred himself from a 26th floor apartment to a huge paddy field, so wide that it shares borders only with the sky.

“It was endless paddy fields, so quiet, green, fresh and beautiful,” he said, after waking up from the state of deep trance.

I feel grateful. Although I have yet really helped them to do anything, at least my ability to take them to their relaxed and focused state of minds worked.
But, the thumbs go them. They are the ones who managed to connect with their subconscious minds. They are the ones who managed to focus their minds on the thing I told to set their minds on.

I guess it is true what my hypnosis coach tells me: Hypnosis is about the clients, not the hypnotists.